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  • "Floofier half". Is that even possible? I bet this floofier half is shaved bald by now x3
    Luca, Whether we ever get back to...what it once was before...please know, that without those dark times, and dark websites before... I wouldn't be half of what I may be now. Any help, that I can give others as much attributable to you! What a spirit! What an inspiration! Thank you! -Marka
    I actually know someone who has a Star-Trek Captain Kirk teddy-bear...very similar to your profile pic! An interesting switch to the Robin bear too ;-)
    A belated congrats on your 'TC' status...golden-boy;-) Apologies I haven't got back to day...right? eeesh! -Cheers my friend!
    I thought I had you added already, but a check & a double check of my list, proved otherwise!! For that oversight on my part, I am sorry!! You have always been nice to talk with & that is why I added you!! ^_^
    Luuuuuuca :3

    Yesh! :3 We shall trade MSN, not that i'm on much anymore.

    Expect a PM like... now. :3

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