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  • See, I want to come out, but here people will hate me, and my father is more than a little bigoted in this area.

    So I can't. I really want to, but I can't.
    I'm okay, it's my adoptive mom's birthday today.
    I'm kinda sad. I just want a cuddle, a real one, I want someone, boy or girl, to cuddle me close, hold me tight and just let me feel safe in their arms.
    Thanks. You are like the big sister who loves her little sister, and I'm proud to be that little sister.

    *huggles*. :hugs:
    When's the big day? I can't wait for some pics :D
    Ohhhh you have to post of pic of you in your wedding dress, I wanna see it soooooooo badly <3 I also want to see your bride-to-be's dress! (In case you haven't noticed, I love weddings... especially the beautiful dresses).

    And thanks ^^ RoninKagashi made it for me. I love it, too :3
    I can't wait for my wedding day... But this isn't about me, this is about you! What all do you have planned for the wedding? Ohhhh, what's your dress look like???
    I'm doing great! ^^ The girl I love knows that I'm trans and a DL/Babyfur, and she just told me yesterday that she loves me *Squeals* And I might be getting a job soon, so I can start to save up for some gender therapy!

    What about you?
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