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  • Hey lad, sorry for the silence. I ain't been to active lately, no?

    But yeah, things are the way they are, so to say. It's pretty slow right now, the b* lifestyle and all of that isn't really my thing right now, therefore I've been roughly inactive.

    Feelings, relations... Everythings pretty upside down right now. Not really hectic, but just not right either. I guess you gotta choose - right or good, you know?
    Swimteam is going to be in season on the 9th of november. Thats when ill start up. Yep im a sophmore all year!
    I dont really fly. Im only 15 :(
    However, I dont know if you've heard of VATSIM
    Its a virtual flying ONLINE HIT!
    On Flght Simulator, I fly the 767-300. But Im soon gonna be flyin in august for realz :D
    Ya, I'm really big in the Boy Scouts. I just got my Eagle Scout in Febuary. Unfortunatly, I'm going to be 18 in less than a month. I'm so going to be an adult leader though.

    I'm really excited for the future of our troop now. We have been loosing scouts like crazy and almost had to dispand our troop. Thankfully we got like 10 new scouts (double our current members!) and they are SO excited to be in our troop. Sence there is no other yunger scouts in our troop, all of our attention goes to them, so their learning a lot really fast. They've only been to 3 meetings and one campout, and I can allready tell you more than half of these kids are getting Eagle.

    So how long have you been in scouts?
    Check your inbox, there's a lenghty reply just waiting for you.

    Have a nice weekend!
    Hey man. I figured it would be better if I commented your blog-comment here. First of all, thank you for writing such a lenghty reply! Though you answeded my questions with more questions, it was some really good ones. I can say, you're leaving me with a lot to think about. Thanks man.
    Mostly like alternative rock. Though some of his songs can sound a bit depressing but others are also upbeat.
    To add onto what Incomplete Dude said...You should edit your posts to encompass one post, it's best not to post 3 times in a row
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