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    Tapes come undone in certain positions?

    I've found, as a general rule of thumb when padding up, that if I'm wearing to bed to prevent leaks laying down is best. Top tapes first, level across the midsection. And then snuggling up the lower inside wings and angling the lower tapes downward. If I'm dispersing for the day, I do so...
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    XP medical has done a decent job with their testing. However, how a particular diaper performs in real life is dependant on a number of factors. Anatomy, sweat, pad shape, and pad composition all affect how one will actually perform. Some diapers I have used underperformed, and others over...
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    Privacy Concern

    There is no diaper shaming police. Nobody cruises trash cans to out ABDLs. You'll be fine. Relax. Enjoy yourself.
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    I f**king love diapers, but... (Could this be an 'addiction'?)

    Well. I have literally no idea what you are going through with the whole transgender thing. Wish you the best in that regard. I conquered my "anxiety" by doing the one thing I was the most scared of. Correction, ashamed, of doing. I put on a dry 24/7, with two stuffers, and a pair of very tight...
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    Binge purge

    The binge/purge cycle is indicative of shame and guilt. That's a societal pressure because "diapers are for infants" and if you enjoy them there _must_ be something wrong with you. Right? Wrong. We don't always get choose what turns us on. Diapers just happen to be so taboo that people are far...
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    How hard is it for a non-DL to deliberately wet themselves?

    Basically, one of two things would happen under this kind of duress. Withholding urination would get so painful that one would relent and flood the diaper. The other would be that the bladder would rupture internally, and your protagonist dies in agony. Most normal people will void thier...
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    Where do you point?

    Well things kind of naturally rise in that direction sometimes, especially with morning wood. Why fight nature? My only reservation is as you stated, you can overshoot the padding, but that's only a problem for me with "medium" diapers that are lower cut, like the Tena. I'm a 38 waist and I'm...
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    Diapering yourself

    They are designed with the bedridden in mind, thus all the extra padding in the back. And you would need to have a very large bladder indeed to flood one out on the first go. I've never had an Abena leak on me laying down, sitting yes, laying down... no. I'm a side sleeper as well, and I've let...
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    Devious plan

    Well. I would just be flat up honest. Once you start one lie, then you get into this web of deceit that will destroy your relationship. Revealing that you are ABDL to her might do the same thing, but at least you are being honest with yourself.
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    Diapering yourself

    I wouldn't worry too much. You won't start spontaneously wetting the bed because you sleep in diapers a couple times a week, or pee your pants in bed while wearing them. It's okay, it feels good, you should try it. I went 24/7 for a little more than a year. To be more specific, I went...
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    So, looking for some suggestions.

    Any of Bambino's products. Total Dry is the same thing, just a different target audience. Wellness brand Superio's. And if you want the King of Bulky Bottoms... it's the Dry 24/7. Even in a fresh one I can't walk normal in those things, let alone a good soaking. You. Will. Waddle.
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    Where do you point?

    Depends on the diaper, and if I want to get more use out of the front panel. Example, an Abena L4 I will typically aim up to make good use of that front panel. For something slimmer, like a Tena, always, always down unless I want to have an awkward wet spot at my waistline.
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    Diapering yourself

    Abenas have double tapes, one blue and the upper white one attached to the wing. That blue tape is going to stick like mad, and they are notoriously unforgiving if you try and adjust if you mess up the initial placement. I think your problem may be that you are trying to prevent it from...
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    Diapering yourself

    It probably has nothing to do with any of that. Abena's don't fit me terribly well, and as far as a daytime diaper, I don't really think they were designed for active youngish people and more for the bedridden. Excellent night time diaper, however. Try a diaper cover or snug boxer briefs...
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    absorbency plus

    I tried a sample back before Gary fixed the tape issues, etc. They better now? I typically won't use a diaper for daytime wear without the leg guards because I have to be active at my job.