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    Does any straight girls like having a sissy boy partner?

    My girlfriend is who began to make me wearing some of her clothes like women's ripped jeans, leggings, panties and stiletto sandals.
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    Hair removal

    I used hot wax for removing some ingrown hairs in my neck
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    straight sissy

    My girlfriend made me wear stiletto sandals and other type of open toe heels because she says that I look more taller and sexy. She likes Panty and Stocking. Then one day I went with her to a dress shop, I believed that she was interested in some night dress. Then she asked for the shoes and...
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    straight sissy

    All the sacrifices that I have to do for keeping my romantic relationship. My girlfriend told me that I look more sexy and taller wearing stiletto sandals and peep toe pumps. Almost we twisted our ankles with those heels!. Even one day she hit one of the legs of a table wearing stiletto sandals...
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    Do many men wear women’s panties? Yes!

    She took my Hatsune Miku panties!
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    Do many men wear women’s panties? Yes!

    I don't wear men's underwear anymore, I wear my girlfriend's panties because she liked my Hatsune Miku panties and then she took them.
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    Hair removal

    I've waxed some neck hair because sometimes I have ingrown hair, that's why I wax in that area of my neck
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    Wearing heels, instruments of torture!, ouch!

    I would choose low heel hiking boots in winter. I don't know why women like to wear peep toe boots in winter!. One day I tried my girlfriend's peep toe boots during a chilly day and then I have to keep a spare of sneakers and socks in my backpack.
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    Where do you get your shoes from?

    My girlfriend got me these from one of her friends but I don't like them!!!.
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    What are the best Pull ups

    Always discreet boutique and goodnites
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    First time being seen in girls clothing

    When I went with my girlfriend to a place where there are night dresses and wedding dresses for sale, then she saw the rack of all the stiletto sandals and peep toe pumps. We took off the shoes when entering to the store. She tried on a pair of silver rhinestone sandals and then she asked for...
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    Girls clothes are better

    Now Harry Styles is wearing them too. (Those are Gucci and they're quite expensive and ugly!).
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    Girls clothes are better

    I feel more comfortable wearing Hatsune Miku panties!
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    Girls clothes are better

    My girlfriend made me wear heels like stiletto sandals and peep toe boots and peep toe pumps (she loved how my toes exposed!), now she brought me flat heel classic t bar Mary Jane shoes, (kind of vintage). I've seen some boys and girls wearing them
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    Do you ever wear diapers as normal underwear and go about your day?

    I would wear girls goodnites for a long trip, they would be useful if I can't make it to the toilet.