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    I'm so happy!:)

    I got a pink one that says "girls rock" and a purple one with a skull and crossbones:) they're really cute! I wanted the cupcake one too but i couldnt find it:)
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    I'm so happy!:)

    I'm not an AB as I (think) have said before but I love pacifiers:) and I got two new pacis today! They're MAM 6m+ and one is purple and the other is pink:) so I'm happy and just thought I'd share here. Also, if anyone is wondering about buying one, MAM is really good and I think from now on when...
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    Inner-child or PacifiersRus?

    I've seen the chart cuz I've been to the site several times and inner-child has the same one but like I said, my mouth is relatively small. That's the main reason I'm unsure but thanks for your feedback.
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    let's try this again...u3u;;

    Hi! Nice to meet u:) i like anime/manga as well (I even draw chibis!) its nice to have u here:)
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    Inner-child or PacifiersRus?

    Hi! Soo I'm thinking of buying either a nuk 5 or a nuk 4 (probably 4 cuz my mouth is kinda small) and I have some questions. Though my mouth is on the small side, which size should I get? I don't wanna waste money on a nuk 4 only for it to be too small but I have a nuk 3 (with rhinestones on...
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    How to sleep better?

    I know about melatonin but i cant take it cuz im a diabetic:/ thank u for your suggestions everyone!:)
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    How to sleep better?

    I'm beginning to think I may have acute insomnia...I just can't sleep at all! It's hard enough for me to get to sleep at night (if at all) and then when I do, I wake up all the time. I know that stress can cause it, but I'm not sure I'm stressed about anything. Well, not anymore. But anyway...
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    The Famous Confessions Thread

    Hmm..let's see.. When I was in 7th grade, I was leaving the lunch room one day when this boy randomly told me this other boy liked was the boy I had a crush on and then I proceeded to run into a pole. In front of him. And broke my glasses. -__- lol I sucked my thumb til I was about 17...
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    Did you ever watch Spongebob?

    lol my mom doesn't really like it either but yeah thats why netflix is awesome because they have the old episodes:) - - - Updated - - - I have the same one!:)
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    Hi everyone! I'm new:)

    Aww thanks!^_^ And I have tried that type of story before, in fact I'm working on it now but I still have no idea what to do with it as far as the storyline. All I know so far is that the main character is a 21 year old girl and she ends up in a love triangle:) Anyway, thanks for welcoming me!
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    Whats the youngest age anybody has ever assumed/guessed you were

    I'm 20 but I have a baby face so people think I'm anywhere between about 8th grade and maybe 10th. When I was that age, I looked my age but once I graduated high school when I tell people how old I am they're like "I thought you were about 14!" O_o lol
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    Did you ever watch Spongebob?

    So, this just randomly popped into my mind but did anyone here watch Spongebob when you were little? I was in like 2nd grade I think when it first came one but anyway is it just me or was it WAYYY funnier then? The old ones (to me) are so hilarious! They're as funny to me now as they were then...
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    Hi! My name is badlilboy or jake or jack!

    Hi Jack, I'm Kaiden:) congrats on just graduating! and i don't like diapers but i do enjoy being little and it can seem kinda lonely sometimes so we could be friends if u like:) since you said u wanted to work somewhere like an ice cream shop, what's your favorite flavor? i like them all lol
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    Hi ^_^!

    Hi:) I just joined too! What kinds of things do u like to do? I'm the same way lol i dress younger for my age. I'm 20 but people usually guess that I'm about 13-15 haha:)
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    Hi I'm Kaiden!:) its cool how you did your username! What do you like to write? I really enjoy writing as well and awesome I loveeee Harry Potter too. How did you know you liked to be little? I recently discovered it too (hence why I'm here lol) but I'm the same way. I'm 20 and I never really...