qwerky, hell bent, hopeless romantic, shy and girly, always looking for the next thing to entertain myself, will always act how i feel and doesn't care what people think about me.

guitar, clothes, scuba diving, video games, MTG
washington, usa
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  1. Gay
McDonolds grill hand (cooking and preping food)
Favourite diaper
depends protection with tabs
Personal Space
name: Loki Dullahan
bread: northern/cave clan sergal
phisicl trates: girly build, 5ft tall, 100 to 120 lbs.
relationship: broke up...looking
sex and gender: I am a male and gay, but i identify as a GIRL, so please address me as one. my fur is a girl with no tits.

fur color: main color is green of different shades, but will change colors and glow depending on my mood and what i feel it to be, pink when im embarrassed and black when in reaper/vampire mode (ask me about reaper/vampire mode)

eyes: main color is pink and have a slight glow to them, my eyes will also change colors depending on my mood and how i want them to be. they turn red if im in reaper/vampire mode

persings/tattoos/ext: i have rainbow ear rings running down both ears; they will change colors with my fur. i have a bottom lip persing, three tongue prersing.

cloths: i where black arm and leg warmers with pink stripes, a sleeveless crop that cuts off right before my peaks with a pink toxic symbol on the front, a pare of pink glowing headphones, and a black school girl skirt with pink trim, pink panties with black trim or a pink girly diaper.

reaper/vampire mode: only comes out when im mad, trying to defend my mate or hunger for blood. along with turning my fur black and my eyes red, vampire like fangs with overbite, i get surrounded by falling see thru smoke that acts like armor and is the main source of my powers. reaper mode allows me to will metal objects of smoke, and dragon wings that span 24 feet from tip to end.

baby/cub: my other fursona is a baby/cub fur of my older version, i wear the same cloths but with a poffy pink diaper with hearts. i still have all my prersings and can still be a vampire. be free to snuggle me and even ask to play with me as my bf/cf self.....just nuzzle my tummy ^^


One of the most important things iv learned is to be yourself and to never give up. Let's hope I can make my dream real.:sweatdrop: