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  • Yeah, I don't know what it is about college and research papers. I feel I'm living in a world of writing papers. I'm actually working on on due in about two hours. Life stinks right now. I promise, Thursday will be a total 'non-research-screw-around' day.
    Yeah. sorry its been a while since I've been on. Been busy with papers. Got another research essay due monday, so more avoiding today!
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    we are the regulars we will assimilate you into our own
    resistance is futile we will diaper you
    Okay! We'll take on our responsibilities together~. Teamwork!
    Aw, thanks. Honestly, the original reasons I chose it were because of how cool it sounds and how smart it makes me seem, but also the fact that it looks good to medical schools I'll need to apply to. Plus, more and more knowledge of genetics is just becoming available! It's really a blossoming field, or so I've been told.
    Eee! I LOVE Dekaranger and Go-Onger too. ^__^ I've seen both. (Although, is it just me, or was the American version of Dekaranger... kind of bad...? .__.)
    Oh, please do, you'll love it. I'd suggest checking either YouTube or TV Nihon! The only series I'd recommend against watching first is Decade, because you'll appreciate it a lot more if you first watch it with knowledge over the other seasons. <3
    Alright, well you study up hard on that exam and I'll write this darn paper. That's a really good major you have.
    Changeman is something I'd suggest, but if you like the recents, Dekaranger is a good one and Go-Onger (finally spelled it right!)
    I'll try and watch Kamen Rider, I'll look online. i have a few sites I frequent.
    (Oh, that's no problem.)
    I haven't seen Changeman! Actually, I've only really seen the more recent ones so far. But if you'd recommend Changeman, maybe I'll check it out next so we can talk about it!
    History major, oooh~... very cool. I'm doing molecular genetics myself.
    Kamen Rider is omgggg so cool. <33 You need to watch it sometime. And I also love House; I have the first five seasons on DVD! ;////;
    Have fun with your paper-avoidance! I've got an exam tomorrow.

    I still dislike robot hats.

    Now, giant robot eyebrows like in Gundam are awesome...
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