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  • Hey old friend. :)
    Been a long time since either of us were on here. Just popped in on a whim and hope you're well. *hugs*
    Thanks for the kind words friend. I love this site and all of its kind people.
    The Reindeer Puppy says:
    Waking up with your pacifier still in your mouth, and still cuddling your plushies means its going to be a great day :)

    ...the wet diaper.. eh, whatever.
    Hey have'nt seen you around in a while!
    Thought I should stop in to see if you are still alive!!! :p
    Stop by the chat room some time.
    I just got back from going out with a huge group of Jeeps. There was 20 rigs and mine and one other ran into problem. The CJ threw its belt easy fix but mine was way worse. I dropped into a huge mud hole with a sheet of ice one it. Ended up a vary large piece of ice smashed my radiator into my fan and totally trashed it. Ended up having to replace the radiator on the trail. Its the first time I've broke down on a trail after 2 years of trails.
    Liking guys in tight clothes doesn't make you a fag. Now if you were wearing those closes and acting like a sterotypical gay, that would make you a fag.
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