Goodnites mean wet mornings!

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I grew up as a bed wetter. I had wet most of my life and didn't finally "grow out of it" until my mid to late teens. Throughout this time, I had always taken care of my nighttime accidents and used a plastic sheet for protection. It was never forced on me, nor did my parents ever use this as "punishment", rather it was just a responsibility of mine. I probably started stripping sheets, washing clothing and bed linen, and making my bed around the first grade.

I looked upon this quite differently at different times in my life. When I was really young, it didn't even phase me. I had no idea that something was "different" with me until I reached about six or seven. Around this time I knew I was "different", however it really didn't affect me and I didn't take much notice of it until about age ten.

At this point in life I really became distressed with bed wetting and I knew that something was "wrong" with me. This change in attitude probably came about because of scouts, camping trips, sleep overs, all things that I was now afraid to take part in that a normal activities that a hyper-active outgoing 10 year old boy would. It didn't stop me, though it made things more difficult and pretty stressful at times.

Around fourteen or so the stress had pretty much vanished, and I was now just dealing with a "condition". I had been really lucky that NO ONE had ever found out or caught me, and they never would.

At about fourteen/fifteen my mom (probably out of frustration and prompted by a coupon for Attends) asked me if I would like to try diapers to make things easier around the house. I was absolutely dumbstruck and froze. The thought had never crossed my mind and I hadn't even realized that diapers that big existed. I seriously thought that I was the only one in the world with this problem.

It took me all day to wrap my mind around the proposal, and around bedtime that night I had decided that anything was better than the chance of waking up early as hell cold and wet


GoodNites mean wet mornings!