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    Carolina AB/DLs Unite... and party

    Oooooooh I wanna meet somebody!!! :) No, seriously, there are SO many AB/DL's from NC that I see... its a shame I don't "know" any of them.... So I'm totally game for meeting. I'm only about 45min. from Charlotte. :)
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    I love my bear! Who's your special plushie friend?

    I only have one teddy... my Daddy got it for my for my birthday. :) Now, I sleep with her. Every night.
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    Musical intrests?

    Sugarland Matchbox 20 Heart Pink Floyd The Styx 3 Doors Down Eric Clapton Linkin Park Johnny Cash The Eagles And sooooooo many more.... I love music, breathe music....
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    Favourite Guitarists

    Eric Clapton Nancy Wilson Jimmy Page
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    Adult Diapers

    From a former cashier at Eckerd's (which is now Rite-Aid) they are NOT going to discuss your purchases with anyone else. And honestly, they don't care what you're buying - they sell adult diapers all day long.
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    The little things

    The way it smells right after it rains... A smile on a child's face... Snow on Christmas Eve... A really great book...
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    Hi Everyone

    *waves* Welcome, welcome!
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    Favorite Commercial

    I like a lot of the commercials that come on during the Nascar races. Most of the Nascar commercials are humorous. Oh, and I also like the DirectTV commercial making fun of President Bush.
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    Wetting Yourself

    I still do that, a lot! I did that today actually... great feeling, no mess to clean up. :)
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    Shows that just plain aren't good...

    I hate a lot of TV - so much of it is just worthless. I'm not a big reality fan. Shows like Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I love Money... just stupid. Um, what else? Oh yeah, Greatest American Dog. Oh, and I also hate that no music channels actually play music anymore... thats another TV issue...
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    How were you disciplined as a child...?

    Got grounded, got sent to live with my brother (drill sergeant type) for awhile when I was a teenager because I misbehaved so much... Never got spanked, but did get smacked across the face.
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    I drink way too much caffeine - usually in the form of Cheerwine (cherry soda - pretty local to the Carolinas.) I also like other Cherry or Cherry Cola soda's, Mt. Dew LiveWire, Mt. Dew Code Red, and lots and lots of Starbucks. The cold ones, you buy in the glass bottles - the vanilla... yummm.
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    What kind of bottles do you guys use... ? I've had a hard time finding one I really like. Plain ol' cheap baby bottles just don't cut it for me.
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    Wetting Yourself

    I really like to pee my pants. It was my first "interest" in all of this... stuff. My boyfriend and I met in a wetting chat, actually. When I first started wearing diapers it was mostly as a way to contain the mess from peeing... only I found that the feelings I got from wearing diapers and...
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    Diaper help - Always leaking

    Thanks so much, all of you, for the wonderful suggestions. I'm going to play around and see what works (after all, isn't that half the fun? :) ) I ordered a sample pack of DRY 24/7's... going to experiment with cloth liners too, see if that helps. I appreciate your help, so much!