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    London (uk) Where do you get your diapers?

    Just moved and wondering where people buy or order their diapers from? Thank you
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    I remeber someone from school

    Poor kid. I used to hold and it would lead to wet patches. Sadly, i still do sometimes as I haven't really gotten over that fear.
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    Help me find?

    Oh, thanks Ozbub! I was just looking for the tape measure to size up properly so that's really helpful of you to post. I appreciate it! Hope you are having a nice day :-)
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    Help me find? ^^ This is it! Found it after a few hours hunting, phew. My little was beside themselves.
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    Help me find?

    ParcelBoy, Thank you :-) No it wasn't Cuddlz. But thank you for the recommendation. It was plain white, all over, with maybe a tiny bit of baby blue (logo?) I am sure there was a pink and a blue variant with it as well.
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    Thanks siysiy - I may. Can i ask how you brought it up with your new therapist or do you still have the same one? Rennecfox - thanks i feel my thread is fine here as it relates to AB/DL and Little sides.
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    Help me find?

    "I am sure I saw it linked in these forums but now I can't find it" "I can't find the product that I wanted to buy online. " I was browsing online from links in these forums. Perhaps don't post in threads if you have nothing but snarky comments to contribute. I thought this could be a mutually...
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    Help me find?

    I can't find the product that I wanted to buy online. I was browsing, saw it, didn't take a note of who was selling it, now can't find it. (I have been paid, so can afford a few things now!).
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    Help me find?

    Can we start a help me find thread please? Pretty sure I saw this and I didn't buy it... It's a footed onesie, with poppers up the legs and I think torso. It was white. I don't think it was fleece. I am sure I saw it linked in these forums but now I can't find it. Would be very grateful if...
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    If you are in therapy, does your therapist know about your little side, and if so, how much have you told them?
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    Processing Trauma / Soliciting Personal Safety Tips

    It is normal to experience these symptoms for a period of time afterwards, without necessarily having PTSD. PTSD is not usually diagnosed until three months afterwards as a lot of the symptoms can occur naturally whilst we deal with traumatic events as a way of processing those events. Therefore...
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    Stability, boundaries, love.

    Thank you both. I've decided I don't like the name Rowena and it doesn't suit the character... Name hunting now.
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    I wear 24/7 for wetting but want to start messing as well.. looking for help

    Sometimes I feel that people who have incontinence are a little judgemental of those who chose to wear by choice without incontinence. OP, it's up to you what you chose to do, and where you chose to do it, as long as your actions aren't harming anyone else then it shouldn't be a problem. If...
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    Stability, boundaries, love.

    Chapter One Rowena glanced around the bedroom. They’d decided that Emilia would be allowed to pick out the remaining necessary bits and pieces. It was sensible to let the young adult chose how she had her own space. She’d picked out the oak furniture from the Calia range on the John Lewis...
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    Quick question, If you knew information about a scammer... also, LPT, google email addresses linked to people who you talk to online.

    I wouldn't muddy someone's name based on hearsay on the internet. You never know the true intentions of the person sharing that information about her regarding scammers, and, you may inadvertently release details that could put her in harms way. I would hate someone to release my email...