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    Well Beginnings vs Goodnites..... HELP!

    I don't really like super thick. I honestly wear them fora comfort factor, I don't mess them. But I will check them out and see if I would be interested. Thank you guys for your info! :D
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    Well Beginnings vs Goodnites..... HELP!

    I have been getting more in to the training pants. I don't really like diapers so my choices are limited. My problem is that my butt is a little on the larger size and had trouble fitting into Goodnites. Has anyone tries both Goodnites and Walgreens brand (Well Beginnings), the ones with My...
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    Pacifier Addiction

    I started to use a paci a while back. I was shy in obtaining one, went to Toys R Us with my Daddy, and shopped like I would for a niece or nephew. I ended up getting a Tommee Tippee brand. I love it cause I have a smaller mouth and it fits perfectly (also a plus that it's a silicone and not...
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    New and shy.

    Hi. I'm Rory and I am 6 and a half years old. My big is 22. I have alway had a childish and fun nature but didn't really express it for fear of ridicule. I love cartoons and coloring. I am a sub by nature, but BDSM is too harsh for me. About 3-4 months ago my fiance confided in me that he was...