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  • Hello darling, just in case you didn't get my IM, i was wondering if I could call you today? Or vice versa, if you wanted to block your number. Let me know via private message, IM, or email: [email protected] : )
    hey, i was wondering... when it says you live in utah/idaho whats that mean? and where in idaho did/do you live?
    oh i bet, although i dont know why a teachers salary is like 50,000-60,000 instead of around 100,000 a year, afterall they are teaching the youth of this nation.
    are you serious?
    im not even kidding im going to go to college to be either a highschool english teacher or highschool history teacher... wow what a coincidence!
    haha yea i can tell..
    hey i gotta question. are you in college? if so, do you get your own dorm or do you have to share. because when i turn 18 and head out to college i would like to be able to buy diapers online and clothes, 'n such.
    oh i see, cause my rep is super bad.... so i don't think people really wanna talk to me -.- hah, i got bad repped in the beginning because i accused someone of flaming when apparently they weren't... sorta a dumb reason.. but anyways thanks for accepting my apology, glad we could sort things out.
    no, i dont have television -.- so i guess thats a fault for me. only time i ever learned anything about mormons was in history class and about polygamy.

    sorry ;(
    im not trying to make my joke valid, as, jokes arent suppose to be valid... lol.. i never even new theres suppose to be truth in jokes.
    i just googled it, and it told me that the mormon church preaches against it now, but in the olden days they used to have more than 1 wife as in, a long,long,long time ago.
    ok, and, i do have respect for cultures and religions. Ive been to japan many times and am religious myself. i also know, not many mormons have more than 1 wife.
    you take things too seriously, try to calm down. odviously i ment it as a joke, for i am not mormon myself. the other guy that you quoted odviously understands.
    It was getting to be a pain. Plus, I barely do shit on here, so yeah. I'll still give you one :D
    Must have been on vacation visiting my grandchildren when you made VIP - Congratulations! You have been a real asset to ADISC, glad you're part of things here. Read your blog page - you have great things going for you! Hang in there, enjoy college and your young life!
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