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  • True Life: I have a fetish.

    All New True Life Episodes Coming - Tell Your Story - News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News

    DO IT!!!!
    Well, I'm not entirely sure, my English teacher has been wrong plenty of times before.

    That may have been one of the few times I actually cried over a book.
    I know!

    I plan on getting the second one. Did you hear the third just came out a week or so ago?

    I was sad that Rue died, then more sad when she came back.
    Hey Olivia!

    Long time no see!

    I heard you've read Hunger Games and I just finished it!
    Hey there!! ^_^

    Thank you so much for accepting my offer of friendship!! **hugs**
    Is that a border collie in your avatar? I love those dogs, they are my favorite.
    Saw your new username title while I was responding in that clothes thread, so good luck on your finals this week, Olivia! I'll be pulling my hair out too!
    I understand finals are no fun, but I was sad to see you are no longer representing Kazakhstan. :cool: 4 more days until home
    Wow, thanks for the link. I didn't realize this forum had groups... that sounds fun! Do you mind if I friend you, by the way?

    Kendo is basically just Japanese swordsmanship. I do it mostly in the context of Tai-jutsu, but kendo is a school and practice in its own right. The bamboo sword you're thinking of is probably a shinai, which is one kind of wooden practice sword. I usually use a bokken, which is another (usually heavier) type of wooden practice sword.
    Hi! I love fencing, although I was sort of "on hiatus" with it until recently, due to my disabilities. I ran into my old fencing master this summer at a Ren Faire, and said hi... and he sort of scolded me for being away so long. So I'm getting back into it. I do historical fencing--rapier and smallsword, mostly--although I think Olympic fencing is interesting, too. Unfortunately, my university doesn't have fencing as a sport. :(

    I've also gotten into kendo a bit, and I recently watched Rurouni Kenshin all the way through. There's a series of sabre vs. katana episodes, which were wonderful! (If you like sword arts and haven't seen/read Kenshin, I highly recommend it!)
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