I'm not clumsy, I'm uniquely coordinated!

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Pacific Northwest, USA
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Bambino Bellisimo :)
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Hi everyone!

I'm LittleMiss, you can call me Little Miss, Miss, or Missy!! I'm really not all that particular!

I'm still fairly new here but I love being here and am so glad that I found this place to be an internet home for me :)

I'm really quite weird but I'm pretty friendly and love to make new friends! My favorite things in the world are dinosaurs, forensics, environmental science, drawing and painting, cooking and baking, rocking out to my music, my plushies and blankies and binkys, and making the people I care about happy.

I know quite a bit about pacifiers so if you have a question I'd be happy to help if I can, or if you wanna talk or be my friend just shoot me a PM! I'd love to talk to you!!!