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  • Yes we are
    you should see my Darkrai, his natural ability is to give damage to sleeping pokemon(that ability is like intimidation)
    so i use sleep moves with him lol, free hits, damage with ability and no retalition
    I am happy that you understand me. I know it is going to be fin but i am still very scary to wash hime becours i am to attached to him.
    I actually plan on an art major! Multimedia design to be exact! I've always loved drawing and painting.. I should make myself an avatar. I have a wacom tablet and everything.. Hmmm..
    ah your offensive?
    im a status abuser, i make sure you cant make a move or get damage even after i give damage
    Yup Yup
    Plus Togepi Evolutions are Sp Att powerhouses :p
    and yeah thats true plus you can transfer pokemon around anyway,
    In Pokemon i do agree the show was great in the original series
    but i do tend to favor some of the new ones myself. My favorites being the Togepi Family Line
    (Togepi, Togetic and Togekiss) but i do lean towards the old school side besides that, if you see any new generation pokemon in my parties its usually just Togepi Evolutions, Darkrai or Victini
    I'm goood. Just thought I'de introduce myself to ya. Your avatar is really cute. hows your summer going? I just graduated and things are going pretty cool!
    Just wanted to say Hi and say your Mareep avi looks so awesome! O-o
    Havent really seen cool looking Pokemon Avis, seen pokemon avis but they have been meh
    yours takes the cake on awesomeness
    Thought i'd reply here.

    A Key Grip is head of the grip department. So Tripods, C-Stands, Dollies ETC. Anything that holds or "Grips" things.

    The Best Boy works in the electrical or lighting department, under the Gaffer. So, the Best boy (can be a boy or girl, but they're always called best boy) controls the setting up of lights, and such.

    LittleMiss is a very nice and helpful person and I'm glad I can chat with somebody like her :)
    The New York store is pretty awesome, Ive always wanted to go to Seattle, I heard it is a beautiful city, and I stopped playing most Pokemon games after crystal, but Pokemon was awesomeee, the whole disney princess things get me everytime, if i ever go the little girl way, thats the way Im going, starting with Tinkerbell lol
    lol thanks:) I had a blue gameboy, I had pokemon blue, red, yellow, gold, and silver, heck even crystal lol...I lived on that...I live in New York City so I have the Disney Store in Times Square which is huge, they have a huge section for toy story, cars, and disney princesses, and all 3 sections look AMAZING!!! Tiana is awesome! and I agree about Tinkerbell, lol im usually not really girly but her stuff is just sooo cute lol
    you are so incredibly awesome, I had a gameboy color back in the day, I use to live on that thing playing Pokemon.....We both agree that Toys R Us is BOSS! and Disney Store is pretty BOSS also....only thing that I currently own are threee backpacks as I told u last night....a cars pajama set that I bought at JCPenney(I know it is small but I was desperate lol) and when it comes to Disney Princesses, for some reason I want to buy something tinkerbellish or Tiana, or something, walking in the disney store, the disney princess stuff just looks so BOSS for some reason lol
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