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    Toy Collections?

    I'm no good with collections. I mean, yeah, I luvs toys. But, I wanna play with 'em, not keep 'em in their packages, for only looking at.
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    TV Shows You're Currently Watching?

    I've only been watching Netflix, lately. Some of my favorites have been...'Outcasts', 'Battlestar Galactica', 'Dollhouse', 'Firefly', and now I'm on to 'Caprica'.
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    the best tabasco is?

    There is no best tobasco. I wanna vote for black and cayenne peppers. :biggrin: *writes in her vote*
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    Batman vs. Superman

    I couldn't /can't stand Christian Bale. So, choosing someone else, anyone else, is a good move, imo. That said, I'm not a big fan of Ben Affleck's. So, who knows? I'll watch it.
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    OK time to get some toys...

    There hasn't been an update and I wanna see the toys! Did you go shopping yet?
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    Delivery time for Bambinos in California?

    They ship all the way up to wa. state in just a few days, using the free shipping method. I was shocked! Ordered on Thursday. They went out the same day and I got 'em yesterday. As an added plus, the package is super discreet.
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    Well..this is annoying...

    I ordered samples of both the Molicares and the ones that say 'Baby' all over 'em, in medium. The waist is almost perfect (if maybe a lil bit loose) and the butt/upper leg area is nice and snug. BUT, there is wayyy too much material in the crotch area. Like...I could hide stuff in there and...
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    AB clothes are a waste of money?

    I'd say that AB clothing and accessories are luxuries, just like gaming systems, games, dvds, etc. They may well be considered, by some, to be a waste of money. But, life is not just about the necessities. Once we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, relative safety (for our families...
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    OK time to get some toys...

    You can buy plush blankets in adult sizes. Just get 'em in colors you like. And bedding. Cute sheets and stuff are harder to find if your bed is bigger than a twin, though. Plushies (of course), Coloring books and colors, Play Dough w/accesories, Big Legos, Some cars and a big ol' track to drive...
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    Your favourite Pokemon in diapers

    Because Mew is cutest are wrong! and...If I had diapers with Mew on 'em, I would put glitters on there, too. All those reasons. So, I win! :biggrin:
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    Your favourite Pokemon in diapers

    Objection! :educate:
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    Your favorite food as a baby?

    spagetti o's were my all-time favorite. But, I can't eat gluten, anymore. And, Spagetti O's have high fructose corn syrup, I think. Two things I can't have. The minute I find an all-natural, gluten-free alternative, though...Ima be all over that! :smile1:
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    how to connect xbox360 to wireless home network.

    Mine is connected to the home wireless, and I don't remember it being all that difficult. A bit like connecting the Roku for netflix. You do have to set-up an x-box live account and ya have to pay for that. But, once that's done, I remember it being fairy intuitive. Like, there's a place where...
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    Revamped baby products

    I will have a look at the local WalMart. In truth, I blame myself. I thought the newer stuff would be better. I didn't expect it to have such a strong, chemical smell. I mean, who wants to slather that sort of thing onto a baby? so gross. Not blaming J&J, really. Lots of bath and body products...
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    ...Kari, the blankie-stealing kitty...

    *sneaks into this thread, just to hug that kitteh*