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    Advice on ABDL Dating

    My profile on a dating site outright says I'm experimenting with fetish / kink / whatever you want to call it, without going into details. That just serves to make sure people who are 100% vanilla and can't comprehend anything outside of that won't send me messages, provided they actually read...
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    sucking thumb VS pacifier

    I actually never sucked my thumb as a kid, always had a pacifier at that age. I tried thumb-sucking a few times when I realized I was little and had no access to a pacifier, but I didn't enjoy it.
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    What's your little age and essentials as a little/AB?

    I'm around three years old when I'm little and need diapers, pacifiers, bottles and my plush lion, Jasper.
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    Pacifiers and teeth

    I've been monitoring my teeth closely for a while now. I think there was some shifting, and the pressure the pacifier applies during the night is definitely felt when I wake up. I'm not sure if the pacifier is the cause, though. Notably, I'm using a cherry shaped pacifier. I never got the hang...
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    Adult Baby Rules "Caitian X" has to follow...(My "Reality")...

    I do not understand the point of Rule 17. It seems like a colossal waste of time and a risk to your health. However, as long as you follow these rules because they are good for you and not for the sake of the rule itself, who are we to judge? Despite being an aspie, I could never follow rigid...
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    Pacifiers problems

    From what I've read, pacifiers usually don't affect adult teeth unless you use them all the time. Though I don't think it's that simple, there are many factors in play (size and shape for example). I am worried about it because I noticed some tooth movement myself, but I'm not sure if it's the...
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    "Netflix is "Illegal"

    Even if it was illegal, I don't think it would stop people from using it. But why would anyone get the idea that it would be illegal?
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    Show off your pacifier collection

    For chains and other things maybe, but I wouldn't buy actual pacifiers from there. I'm a big little boy, I need bigger pacifiers than those.
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    What would you do if you found out your son/daughter was ABDL?

    Basically what TeddyBearCowboy said. Let them know it's okay to feel this way and offer support and advice. Depending on the situation I would or wouldn't reveal myself.
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    Show off your pacifier collection

    Not all of them, but the ones I actually use (though I mostly stick to the olive green one).
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    Do you consider yourself successful?

    So what kind of jobs did you have?
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    ADBL Factory

    Yeah, they're pretty fast. I'm in germany and I always receive my orders within two days. They also offer discounts when ordering more than 4 packages of a certain diaper at once.
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    Do you consider yourself successful?

    No long-term career yet. I have been making videos on YouTube for a few years now (won't link it as I don't want anyone drawing connections), though that isn't really going anywhere. I guess I'm doing okay. Once I finish trade school (which will take me another two and a half years though, and...
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    Do I tell her????

    If and once it gets serious (as in long-term relationship), I think you better tell her sooner rather than later. You may want to find out how open she is to similar things.
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    It's time to show off your plushies!

    Don't really have a name for him yet.