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  • Hi Littleiain,yes my adopted parents found a stash of my plastic pants under my bed at home which was major embarrassing at that time and they just said they were for babies,however I did wear plastic pants to school into my early teens due to a medical problem and since then I have worn off a.on for the rest of my life and I think it was wearing into my teens which started me being an I received s pkt of arena abriform m2 because I have the m4 which are plastic backed and I wanted a thinner nappy,however I was disappointed because they came cloth backed so I will have to wear my plastic pants on top,but not time I will try the neurons that you wear.
    Hi Littleiain I currently have lille supreme regular cloth back and arena abriform x plus maxi which I prefer because they are plastic backed look more babyish and you like plastic pants if so how many what you remember boots Burma's and also kintal plastic pants
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