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    There we go that's better ;)
    So I see you are in college now (or at least realized you are just now :p)
    Having fun? ^.^
    Hey there! *hugs* A random hello from someone who is sure you are a sweet baby, so why not say hi? I hope you haven't left or anything. ^_^
    Hahaha, that's awesome! I showed it to a friend of mine who had seen it a few years ago, he was glad I reminded him of it.
    Ahh perspective its a great thing, mine tends to be weirder than people expect though
    ye, the way i like to look at it is normal is you no matter what, everyone is normal because everyon is different,if that makes sense. Basicaly its like, if we were all the same then life would not be able to progress because there would be nobody coming up with amazing and inovative ideas because if they did everyone had already had that idea first or at the same time. Plus if you were hitting on someone they would look exactly like you and thats just like eeew.
    Thanks! That's baby Plucky from Tiny Toons. I never realized they had a baby version of him until I stumbled across a thread on here with a link to one of the episodes with him in it. He's adorable! If you wanna see one of the episodes he's in let me know and I'll send you a link.

    By the way, your profile pics are cute too. :)
    Thnxs hanah,
    I do have someone atleast my bestie knows, shes writing a book about it specifically on how im an infantilist so i can look at it when i need to. I know the binge/purge route i have been there and it cost me alot of the money i wish i had. Its a hard cycle to break out of but personaly i think i was stronger for being able to break out of it.
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