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  • I have been working on a few pitchers recently and just finished some bowls that turned out awesome! i tried this technique where i apply special slip that hardens quickly to the outside of the bowl prior to shaping it. when I push out it makes cracks in the outer shell that I leter fill with black glaze. I will have to send you some pictures, words dont do justice

    My next project that I am about to start on is going to be a fountain. I will throw some stuff then cut it up mush it togethar again somehow to make something cool. well those are my plans so far. :dunno:
    i see that you like ceramics. are you an artist? I love throwing on the wheel and am taking a class right now in college. it is a ton of fun because I am producing a bunch of cool stuff. my favorite part is unloading a glaze kiln, you never exactly know what the final product will look like until then.
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