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    Things that Relax You

    I collect stuffed turtles, which are real to me obviously, I've always had a very childish outlook on toys like that. Anyway, I always feel very relaxed when I cuddle them... I love them so much!
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    galaxy s4 or iphone 6?

    I'd probably go for the iPhone. I have a 4S now and I love it. I used to have a Samsung galaxy s2, but I never really got on well with android!
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    Replacing thumbsucking with pacifier...

    I sucked my thumb until I was about 11 or 12, and honestly, I remember one day I just stopped and never did it again! I think I used to dip my thumbs in nail polish remover so they would taste way too nasty to suck x
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    Hey Everyone :)

    Yeah my daddy has just signed up too! I love pretty much every type of music, everything from rock to dance to pop to... anything!
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    Hey Everyone :)

    Hi! You can call me Bee :) I'm very new to the AB community, but very interested in it. I recently got talking to an old friend from a few years back, to find that he has experience in being a Daddy, much to my delight as I've really wanted to get into it, because I thought being a little girl...