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  • well it was nice meeting you i am sorry but i have to take off now i have to get to bed. have a good night dont let the bed bugs bite *HE HE* *HUGS*
    I wish I could order, I dont really have a place right now where I could comfortably order, but hopefully one day, Im assuming you are more tb than dl right? lol
    i got mine from jumpin jammerz 2 years back i dont think they have this one anymore but i am sure you can find one you would like its very soft and comfy at nights
    I know what you mean, Ive been busy with work and school, its alot....btw if you dont mind me asking, how did u get that sleeper? that looks awesome, I wish I had one, Ive bought pajamas at stores meant for kids, like the other day I bought a spiderman outfit from JCPenney, I have a cars one also, I made it fit also, how did u get yours lol?
    Im doing well, I am tired, but well, I see you've been on adisc for a while, how do you like it?
    hi littlebear123, im TKing1391, I love meeting new friends on adisc, hope to become friends:)
    I've been pretty good, I've been on break for the past 3 month, only got 2 days left though until I start college/ university. I'm kinda scared ;P
    actually could i make it toy story material?
    Spongebob material, Im 5'2" weigh about 120. Estimate?
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