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    What's your favorite beverage?

    Any baby milk or formula but if not then normal milk.
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    Say hello to my new highchair (way retro)

    Love this. Enjoy every meal. X
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    adult baby harness

    I really want to buy this
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    Actual baby bottle with milk for bedtime

    Rearz bottles are meant to be good. I just got different teats for mine. They had bigger holes for a better flow
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    What color diaper for Stitch?

    White all the way. White gets my vote.
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    Baby powder air freshener

    I have a baby powder smelling candle. I love it.
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    Being anxious

    How did you get on? How did it go?
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    Turning my bedroom into a nursery

    I wish u could have a nursery but it’s just not viable 🥺😭
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    Turning my bedroom into a nursery

    Looks amazing. I’m jealous.
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    How do you let your CG (mommy or daddy) know you appreciate them

    Buy her a gift with any pocket money (allowance) she gives you. Lots of cuddles Thank yous Candle lit romantic bath with rose petals A meal out ……….
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    baby formula?

    Depends on your own taste buds. I drink anything I can get. Currently drinking aptimal toddler stage 3. Ready to drink. Yummy
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    Sexual side and guilt

    I get horny at the aspect of being able to be a baby again it excites me cos it’s taboo. Once I satisfy that feeling by you know whating..... I feel guilty and the feeling goes away of wanting to regress. Frustrates me immensely.
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    Is it weird I’m 28 but prefer cloth backed?

    Cloth backed are much softer and comfier but when you buy cheap off Facebook. Any nappy is a good nappy. Can’t complain. Currently got plastic backed. A nappy is a nappy. I love em
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    You know what it's about time me give this crap up anyway..

    There’s a whole community here who have been through and are going through the same thing. Myself included. You have friends here who you can talk to about how you feel. Please don’t hurt yourself. Have you tried speaking with a doctor, getting antidepressants, counselling? Xx hugs xx
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    Updated my bed

    Looks amazing. I’m jealous