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  • Thanks for friending me. Enjoyed chatting with you earlier and hope we can chat again sometime. Take Care.
    A binge? Lucky! =) I'll be able to get back into it in a few days and I can't wait. Thinking of trying the new Bambinos. Would love to add some newer clothing but waiting for the cash to get better and can't decide what I want exactly but I'm looking around at onesies and overalls. Did or doing anything this weekend?
    Graphic design! Cool! I'm sure you'll be quite successful with that. You choose some eye catching avatars so I think you have a knack for that sort of thing. Discovered anything new in furrydom? I'm not too familiar with it but I'm learning about it. Haven't worn a diaper in a while. It's kind of gnawing at me. o_O
    Yaay! Nice to hear from you! Can you remind me again what you're majoring in? I just finished my degree. English with a minor in political science.
    Hey Ayria, are you still around? I just wanted to drop by and say hello having talked to you in the chatroom some time ago. Hope it's all good. =)
    Why is everyone from PA on here from da burgh? :p. J/K. That's cool! My Dad's from around there and my Mom lives on the eastern side of the state.
    Hey LittleAyria,

    If you don't mind me asking, what part of PA are you from?
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