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    Best Little Shows of the Decade

    I love Boss Baby on Netflix and Dug Days on Disney, just wish there were more episodes of Dug Days.
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    Crib alternative

    would get it in a heartbeat if they made it queen size. I can't sleep without Daddy.
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    I don't have the ones that I actually had as a kid but I have an Olaf backpack/purse (he doesn't hold much). I also have one that I got for free that is leopard print that folds in on itself that I use as a travel pack for the car. I also own a Jurassic Park one and a Pocahontas one but I don't...
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    What's the deal with LFB???

    I mean they are pretty up from about the outfits being designed in (I believe America or England) and manufactured and shipped from China. I absolutely love everything that I have bought from them and it is A LOT! Most of my current wardrobe is from them. Their quality is stellar and I've never...
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    Were you jealous of younger siblings or cousins?

    Never anything like diapers but I was jealous of my cousins still being able to play with toys. (I was about 15 at the time and it was uncool by that age to play with toys.) But I was always really quick to volunteer to keep them occupied when needed, lol.
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    im getting a new pacifier but what is your favorite pacifier design

    My favorite is my LFB Gen 2. I have one that is from Etsy that Daddy bought me that I use a lot too but that is because he bought it. I don't like that it deflates because I find myself playing with it with my tongue more than sucking because it being deflated feels weird.
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    Got myself a new onesie

    I have a pretty decent little wardrobe. Most of it is from little for big but I have a couple pieces from Lil Kink Boutique. Their stuff is AMAZING so comfy, cute and kidish. As far as onsies go I have 8 short sleeve and 2 long sleeve stand alone onsies, and I have 5 that go with skirts to make...
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    Does anyone hate it when your forced to be a Big?

    I made a deal with myself to be big for 1 or 2 hours a day in the morning so that I can get all of the big things done like bills, cleaning, food prep, ect. Then the rest of my time I can be little. I do work a full-time job but I work from home and there is quite a bit of down time so I can...
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    Today on: What Were They Thinking???

    I can't be the only person that would feel like I was sucking out their vomit. So weird. :confused:
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    Three words: Coconut oil after!
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    what if i was an adult baby how would i quit

    I think it depends on how "into it" you are. I suppose it you are just a dabbler you may be able to walk away but I think a lot if not most of us, it's something that is ingrained in our DNA. I know for me there are days that I'm not quite as into it as others but I'm pretty much little about...
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    What's for breakfast?

    This morning I'm having leftover slow-cooker chicken and rice that mushes to a really yummy baby food consistency. Normally I have cereal and fruit and iced coffee in my trainer cup. Sometimes some soft scrambled eggs and toast fingers. I have oatmeal that has been ground up during the winter...
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    Littlespace Place

    I love the mobile, I have a shirt tales one but I don't have anywhere on my bed to hang it. My Daddy says that eventually he is going to get me a guard for the side of the bed so that I can hang my crib toys. I love the mickey too!
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    Sears/Wards Christmas Catalogs

    I have a collection of those from the 80s but I use that website a lot for older ones from the 50s.
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    My order finally started showing as fulfilled today so it should be shipping soon. 11 days is a long time to go from order to fulfilled. I'm glad yours is on its way.