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  • If you mean on MSN or Yahoo, I haven't been using those in forever... I'm almost all the time on Skype though, but idk if you have an account on there!
    Hi Adam!

    This is officially my first day back on ADISC after the scare. I wanted to wish you a very happy 21st birthday, and to say how great it is to have been your friend on here for all this time. I hope you have a great day, and a great adulthood. Don't grow up too much. :)
    Hey Adam! How are you doin'? You're right, I've been missing from here as well because of work and other stuff. I hope to catch you online soon, in the meantime I wish you happy holidays!
    Bad news, I'm not going to be on ADISC, YIM, or AIM for a while, except maybe occasionally. I can't use my computer anymore, doesn't involve my parents/diapers etc. I'll see you around hopefully.
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