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  • You, Chromos and another member who I can't quite name has the same avatar as you. I find it very very confusing, do you ever mistake your own identity on the forum with that avatar? :p
    Yeah, at least where i live theres a lot of clichés of people, Jocks, cheerleaders, emos, band geeks, that kind of stuff. For the sports car stuff, i'm sure it happens...but i live in the suburbs so everyones basically middle class hehe.
    Oh shucks i didn't see you responded on your wall :(. Sorry about that! I'm hopefully going to study C++ next year. I really want to be a programmer so i'm getting as much as i can in haha. I'm currently the youngest kid in my AP class (by mistake i took the intro to java class my freshman year when freshman can't have electives) andd i currently have the most programming classes at one time this year :p and still two my years of high school! It's a partyy! :D and cool cool! Literature is always fun!
    Oohhh cool! Sometimes I wish I could have gone to high-school in America, it seems so cool compared to England. I'm studying Literature at University, just finishing my second year :) Do you know C++ aswell as java?
    Welp, i'm in high school so i have the mandatory stuff like a math, English, social studies, science class and then for my ap computer programming class( i choose to take it) i have to write a video game in java :). That's sort of like a final project so i started it like this week, wbu?
    I don't believe i have any videos on the inter webs :p and i'm pretty good too, exams as well. Not for at least 2 weeks or so though. Which is good, more time to procrastinate! :3
    Yea I wish the rest of the world could see America besides NYC LA and Vegas, we have Miami, Rocky Mountains, Pacific Ocean, Gulf Coast, New Orleans, and yes Texas has a million things to offer, we have a big huge state and a lot to offer, the ole saying in Texas is "everything's bigger and better" we have 3 of the biggest cities in America(Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio) we have a beautiful Gulf Coast, we have beautiful deserts in West Texas, we have the lower base of the Rocky Mountains in the panhandle of Texas, we have the farmlands in East Texas, and the foresta out in Northeast Texas, we have a lot to offer and we are very friendly, hows England? I would love to visit London!!
    Lol o the very unbabyish qualities of us:) lol, i live in mass, go to school in connecticut and from Texas, hbu? Lol
    Lol i actually like following politics, so i was watching hardball with chris matthews but now im watching the last word with lawrence odonnel,lol(very untoddlerish of me lol) lol i am definantly a windows fan but my laptop is not working hbu, what u doin?
    Im doing quite well, i am currently watching tv and searching the forums on my itouch, hbu?
    You´re so lucky you´ve got a daddy
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