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    Super Powers!

    The power to shapeshift would be nice '0' Being an animal for a few hours or soembody else would be nice to escape stress.
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    What do you think about one-player sex?

    Hmm, it's usually just once a day for me (on rare occasions, 2-3). I only stimulate the clit. Vaginal stimulation really doesn't so anything for me. Like others have said, it's a great stress relief and it also helps me fall asleep <3
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    Your Sexuality

    I'm sexually attracted to men :3 Though if I happened to connect with a girl, I wouldn't mind going out with her.
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    Women's underwear preference

    I like seeing women with just boxers on : P There's just something sexy about it. Boyshorts and Brazilian Tangas are also nice to look at e_e
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    Hey Everyone

    Welcome to the forums :D We really are a friendly bunch here.
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    Getting to know your fellow ADISCers

    BASIC FACTS 01 What time is it? 11:02 02 Name: Just call me List. and I guess Willie 03 Nickname: *points above* 04 Hair color: Dark brown 05 Eye color: Dark brown 06 Height: >:I *grumbles about being short* 07 Weight: 116 (usually) 08 Shoe size: 7 1/2 09 Glasses or contacts: None 'u' 10...
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    Hello *waves hand slightly*

    Haha, you're so silly Anon E. Mouse xD *gives you a big hug*
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    Hello *waves hand slightly*

    Wow, that sounds awesome 8D And thanks so much everyone for making feel so welcome *slight bow*
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    Hello *waves hand slightly*

    Haha :"D And I know :3 Took a look around after I signed up. Thanks you two for welcoming me : D
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    Would you switch genders?

    Hells yeah! I would like a real penis : D I'd like it if I could change sex at whim, however I was feeling. Having a flat, hairy chest would be nice e__e
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    Hello *waves hand slightly*

    I just came by this site to help support one of my friends :) I'm not too interested in diapers, but I don't mind them. Just thought I'd introduce myself before I went into semi-Lurk mode :D