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    Hey what's up? :)

    Hey what's up? :)
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    ^_^ good for you.
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    I'm finally back on and it feels so gooD to be back! ^_^

    Well I can't tell you how happy I am to be back on here! A lot has happened to the site since I've last been on here. It's good to be back, I only wish that I'd come back sooner. Especially a year ago. One year ago, my girlfriend broke up with me and I wish I'd talked about it on here. Even...
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    Whats better mutiple diapers or mutiple diaper pads inside one diaper

    I feel like using multiple ones is more fun if you haven't tried it yet, simply because the added bulk feels AmAzing! X ) Assuming of course you don't do it too many times (it loses it's luster after a while and is highly addictive at first).
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    Adisc I ask for prayers, hopes and Best Wishes...

    Hey man! I hope you got the job. It sounds like you're going to be indoors for the job, which is good. It'd be an absolute nightmare if you had to stand in a fursuit all day outside: You'd sweat like a pig, need insane amounts of water, and can you say heat exhaustion. As long as you...
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    Glow in the Dark Diapers

    :D I think this is an awesome idea! I'd certainly buy a pack or sampler if they came out with it. I know baby diaper companies have done this in the past with diapers and pullups so it isn't new, but that means that it is definitely do-able. I know they made a night brand of pullups or diapers...
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    Looking for a specific kind of diaper (for my girlfriend) ^_^.

    Thank you sooOo much sugarplum, I'm sure she'll love these ^_^. I just told her now (I wanted to surprise her but she's tired since she's coming home and I thought I'd just tell her now) :P Thank you everyone for your suggestions too! I'll keep looking around for socks for her ^_^.
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    Question for Girls

    Thank you, that's what I figured (girls have big hips ;) ), however most diaper companies only seem to give waist size only. :P So I guess what I'm asking now is there a way to approximate how something will fit you by hips based on the waist size they give you?
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    Looking for a specific kind of diaper (for my girlfriend) ^_^.

    Hi everyone! I need help. My girlfriend wants to get me some diapers for her (disposables not cloth). When I asked specifically what kind she said she wants pink ones for her and blue for me. ^_^ I really just want to get her some pink ones (I'll stick with my Bambinos). She also says she...
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    Question for Girls

    Thank you so much everyone for your comments and suggestions. :D We've just decided that I'll get a size large and/or have her try on some of mine. :) I've been meaning to get a larger size anyways. For some reason medium size Bambinos don't fit me. :P
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    Question for Girls

    My girlfriend wants me to order some diapers for her and I to try. I don't know what her waist size is, however due to her hip size I'm not sure what kind to get her. I will not disclose her hip size (since she'd say it's private). This brings me to my question: (Girls)How do you measure...
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    what diapers you wore growing up.

    I wore pampers. ^_^ And I wore pull ups when they first came out too! (I wasn't potty trained till I was 4 or 5) :P
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    Good News, I have officially graDUaTeD! HoORaY!

    Good News, I have officially graDUaTeD! HoORaY!
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    Um I know I haven't been on lately but it's because I'm trying to work by butt off and graduate...

    Um I know I haven't been on lately but it's because I'm trying to work by butt off and graduate December 22. I also have a girlfriend ( ^_^ ), it's been tough but it's been about 7 months and 4 days (I'm so happy since I was with her for october break when we hit the 6 month mark which she...
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    what size?

    ---------- Post added at 04:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:45 PM ---------- what they said. Except one thing: Ditch the depends (they're absolutely terrible) and go with the Molicares! ^_^