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    Why thank you, Mr. Bluesnow stalker guy :)

    Essentially one phrase comes to mind whenever I see it.

    K sorry about that i'll delete stuff right now
    Umm..good question, I couldn't tell you where I got mine, they were given to me as a gift. I'd probably say go look at target or maybe see what you can find in a mall.
    Thx Linus!
    Hope you had a nie extra-long weekend!
    I can't stand this wintery weather though! Everyone north of the mason-dixon line needs and deserves a nice comfy pair of blanket sleepers, wouldn't you agree?
    The English dub and yes it Rocks, and yeah it is kinda sexy (omg I love Miriam! ^_^)! Digimon was a great show, and I've heard GREAt things about D-Grayman and K-ON
    There were way too many narutards during my freshman year of high school.

    I don't get around to watching anime that much. I've really only gotten into Kuroshitsuji, D.Gray-Man, Baccano, and K-ON. I'm more of an animation or art kinda person. But, I did love Digimon when I was a kid. That show was SHAMAZIN.

    By the way, did you watch the english dub of Baccano, or did you watch it subbed? Because, honestly, the dub is damned sexy.
    Ugh!! I know, right? D: All people really pay attention to is Bleach and Naruto and One Pieced and all the animes on TV! Heck, I've had people tell me that Baccano and D.Gray-Man are BAD!

    *grumble grumble*Damned Narutards...*grumble grumble*
    ....If you watched Baccano, we're gonna have to talk, boy. There aren't many people who even know about its awesomeness.
    i hate deadlines and having to get all my work together and handed in on time!
    I know exactly how you feel. I have ADHD. I'm good, looking forward to Thanksgiving and NCAA football playoffs and Bowls, etc. Also there's a few AB/DL parties coming up!
    hey, is it okay to be openly TB on your profile? or do your friends/family watch?
    Actually I have no idea, a member here was giving out avatars once, and that's what he gave me. I kinda liked it, and it kinda looks like an animated version of myself, so i kept it.
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