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  • Um I know I haven't been on lately but it's because I'm trying to work by butt off and graduate December 22. I also have a girlfriend ( ^_^ ), it's been tough but it's been about 7 months and 4 days (I'm so happy since I was with her for october break when we hit the 6 month mark which she pointed out to me ^_^ ) I love her soOoOo much ^-^ ^0^
    hehe thanks, yeah Max is awesome and probably my most favorite character in the beyblade series , I like all animes for the most part naruto kuroshitsuji, hunter X hunter
    aww~! i hate not having any around, but once I got some money its usually what i buy first. maybe soon you can be padded soon too :]
    nuffin, padded up for bed time but im watching cartoons before i fall asleep
    Linuuuuuus! Join me group! One Piece Fanatics! There's already a Naruto and Bleach one, so I figured "Eh. What the hell."
    Oh dude. So many to choose from! Right now though, I think my favorite character would have to be Trafalgar Law. His ability blows my mind. Out of the crew my favorite is probably Franky. I just dig him. As for other animes: If you ask me right now, I have to go with FMA: Brotherhood. I have been watching it religiously for months now xD
    Haha thanks Linus man! You seem like a chill dude, but I must admit, the reason I added you, and no offense, but I am a GIGANTIC One Piece fan, and I love the Black Leg Sanji avatar dude! And I certainly hope to make more friends ^^
    thanks LinusBlueSnow, i am having an awesome time, shame i can't get get drunk because of my prescription medication
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