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    Am I making little space impossible

    As of late I have been trying to find ways to get into little space because for some reason I think it would be good for me. After reading the posts about what makes you feel most little I am at a loss because I am incontinent and already use diapers for their intended purposes so they don't...
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    Post-LittleSpace Depression?

    Now I am not sure what to think. The more I hear about little space the more I want to be submersed into Little world. But I can't do it. 😕 I think it would do me really good for me as I suffer from depression. I guess I need to go and get some help to deal with this.
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    Not sure where to post.

    No honestly I don't mind answering questions although I don't know how well I can answer for him as to being overly masculine. He is FtM and I am MtF. He does take the Male role of trying to be the main provider. He is a good listener and I can talk to him about most anything but this for some...
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    Not sure where to post.

    The one thing that I need to mention is that he was a real life mother who has raised 5 kids of his own one of which is disabled and had to have diapers changed up into young adult hood from what I can understand. So he didn't want to have to change dirty diapers on me. I honestly don't blame...
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    Not sure where to post.

    Someone in the community gave me a link to the Love in Brief Podcast. Thank you for that. I will be listening to more. I do have a question I want more from my husband who is my AB daddy but from one little to another I am being told that I am expecting him to be more of a mommy than a...
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    How many people in your life know you like diapers?

    My family know my husband knows and well since I wear all the time I suspect that others may know but I really don't care at this point because if someone says anything I have Cerebral palsy and need them for that end of story. It is what it is when you need them
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    im thinking on showing my mom my diaper stash to come out

    ok so I missed the last post. I am glad it worked out for you.
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    im thinking on showing my mom my diaper stash to come out

    although there is not a lot on here about your situation or I missed the post which is very possible. I am going to assume that you live at home. I have a wonderful relationship with my parents and I did tell them when I lived at home but I felt guilty about it It was not a positive thing to...
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    What's your avatar and why?

    Mine is the De Loren from Back to the Future. It was one of my all time favorite movies. I figure why not kinda wanted to do something babyish but for me this means time travel and why not travel back to a time when you were happy or at least happier.
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    Anyone have any getting caught stories???

    I don't know that getting caught is a thing for me as I wear pretty much 24 7. I carry my backpack with my supplies in it to the office at the front of the store where I work and put them there as I don't really go back to the break room for anything. I had forgotten my bag at lunch time one...
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    special baby time.

    see pampers4u that wold be awesome if I could get him to do that but he won't put me in a diaper he don't mind seeing me in them but won't put me in one or change me. I understand why he won't but it isn't fair to me. If I am his little that for me in an intimate thing he can do without it being...
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    special baby time.

    I guess I need to be a little less vague with my question. From what I understand the diaper change can be an intimate moment but how do you keep it from being just that an intimate moment and not sexual. Trying to figure out how to get some intimate time with daddy but don't want it to be...
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    special baby time.

    I have been trying to think of where to post this and how to get my point across without getting to personal. I think I have gotten it figured out. This may not be the place to post this. If I am put into toddler mode by my daddy which is my soon to be husband. I have to wear diapers so that is...
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    silly but progress.

    Today was a good test and I almost past it. I had to go to the bathroom and right now with it being so cold I am taking my back pack into work with me as I should anyway. Today I wasn't able to change at lunch time so I had to do it at work. I took my bag went to the back hung it up in the stall...
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    I Finally Got a Weighted Blanket!

    I want one now but I think I am going to have to go after the 20 lbs one they are not cheap but maybe worth it.