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    A new DPF?

    I think I might have been a member of DPF. I know it was a place that I didn't go to much but at the time it served its purpose. There were not a lot of places to go and yeah you didn't feel like you were alone. There are not to many places to go these days but it is a lot more mainstream...
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    How would you reply?

    Yeah I am waiting for wal mart to say something to me. I don't carry my bag in the store often but usually when I do I have my changing supplies I need to change. Most places don't ask any questions.
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    Mixed feelings

    Husband right now helps to a point financially and emotionally. I am by myself most of the time because he is a regional truck driver and only has his 34 hour breaks that he comes home for but still a blessing
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    Anti-depressants becoming Ineffective

    I often wonder about the anti depressants. I have been on one for years. At times I wonder if it is really doing me any good. Let me try to come off of it and I can tell a difference. I have my low moments as well. I had tried to have my meds adjusted over the years. Last year I had my meds...
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    Mixed feelings

    At least I am not alone. I spent years only admitting to myself that I had a disability when it was brought up by others. As things change in am starting to realize that i can't deny it even to myself. I am coming to terms that I can't do what I used to. Pushing myself as I have in the past is...
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    Mixed feelings

    Yeah see a year or 2 ago I had to ask for my first accommodation at work. I made the mistake of sitting down from time to time to do something on the computer. They found I was not the only one using the chair so they took it away. The damage had been done I had gotten used to being able to sit...
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    Mixed feelings

    I guess that I am really lucky in the fact that I have been able to live my life without much aid. I needed the help when I was younger but after I hit the age of 15 pretty much the help was not needed. Now that I am getting older and starting to feel the effects of the Cp I can't get much...
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    Shopping quandary

    I was kind of like that with my mother. She uses always discreet which I can't imagine that being good enough. When I wet my diaper it is usually a heavy wetting or if not a heavy wetting one that I know I can keep the diaper on and use it as long as I am out without having to worry about...
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    Mixed feelings

    It was put in my medical file in January. Things just happen different than what I had it pictured in my head. For some unknown reason I didn't expect a gradual decline in my ability to walk. I more or less expected it to be like okay so my legs won't carry me anymore. and have to be wheelchair...
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    Mixed feelings

    Long story short as I can make it . I stopped at the gas station to change my diaper after meeting my husband for dinner before he started his night. As I was wrapping the wet diaper up. The thought hit me If you would have told me even five years ago that I would be more dependent on diapers...
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    Disability starting to get scary

    Ok so today was a prime example of what worries me about my disability and getting older. I was walking out of the restaurant. I just got done eating lunch/dinner. Fairly full and ready for the drive home I fell and knocked the wind out of myself. Had to lay there for a min to make sure I...
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    This 'Incontinent' fetish?

    I am not fully incontinent I wear most of the time because I may not make it to the bathroom without falling or wetting myself on the way. It has changed the way I do things. I make sure that I carry a bag with me that has a fresh change of pants a diaper and wipes to clean up. I do have...
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    What a disaster! Really need some kind words 😣

    All I can say is you did nothing wrong. Yeah I don't know that I would have brought it all up at the same time. Like others said that's alot to drop at one time. I would have also reconsidered bringing anything else up after her initial reaction. It took me a couple of years to bring it up...
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    Sleeping through the night

    I wish I could pad up at night and sometimes I do. I can get up at least 2 a night to go to the bathroom and since I don't get many hours of sleep a night it can make working difficult. I have been known to sit up or stand up long enough to wet my diaper and go back to sleep. Generally quicker...
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    Boyish Littles?

    Ok so for me being trans Male to female, one would think that my little is a girl because of it. Actually looking back at my own childhood I was into cars and legos but I was not the rough and tumble typical boy. I didn't have a doll house instead I made a house out of legos. I didn't have...