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  • Hiya!
    Seeing as you agreed to be my friend, itll be great to get to you know ya
    *thinks* hmmm why not the simple "How are you?" *shrugs* that seems to kick conversations off heh...
    Hello there (^-^)y
    My Name is Noodle, which you can probably tell due to the little nametag on top.... making this redundant >-> hmmm anyways
    Besides seeking a new friend, i am here to say that you're cool O-o

    I mean we share a shit load of common interests, well the cute thing is debateable *thinks* I probably have a way different definition of it... or not who knows, right? Believe it or not here I mostly find A) Just Geeky People or B)Just Active People but you're probably the first that ive seen that is not only into Geeky ventures such as video games, Harry Potter, Acting/Music but also into sports.

    Anyways instead of posting it in the thread, i felt compelled to formally introduce myself to you, *bows* Hope we can get to know each other, cause seriously people who are in different areas of talent is rare to find now a days
    and I believe the more interesting people i become acquainted with in life the better life will be, not to mention it helps with personal growth heh! ^~^;
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