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  • Hey there,

    My name is Mitch and I saw your post on the thread about the guy who's fiancée won't accept his ABDL side and wanted to ask you a question if you don't mind. You seem like you have worked very hard to accept and participate with your boyfriends fetish, but your last post made it seem like it's not going so well anymore. Has something changed that had made you less accepting?

    I ask because my fiancée also runs very hot and cold when it comes to my ABDL side and while I think we have made progress I am hopeful that it keeps moving in that direction and not unexpectedly in the other way. She is a very vanilla person which creates a bit of a struggle but we are open with each other so that helps.

    Any words of wisdom from your side of the equation, because I only have the ABDL perspective.

    *hugs* I'm sorry it's been hard to deal with your situation. You seem like a very kind person to be searching for the strength and doing your very best to be accepting. It's wonderful there are people like you in the world, please don't feel bad for having a tough time at times.
    Hey there!

    Thanks for the friend :smile1:

    How has your time on ADISC been thus far? Getting some good answers I hope? :)
    If you'd like to talk just let me know.

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