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  • I'll be working as an OTR Tanker driver:) starting pay is $0.36/mile and I get 6 days off per month. They said that I can potentially make up to $75k/year after getting some years in with the company!
    What 21-jul-2013 was the last time i sent my friend a Big Super! Hug! :hug: bad Leo :sad: think i was lost in space or something.
    6809??? That was the very processor in the TRS-80 Cocos! The more I think, yes, that is far more likely to be the CC on a 6809.

    I work with embedded stuff too. My old workplace used 68000s as their bread-and-butter processor and I used assembly code, because there was less than half a K of ram (lol). Now I do embedded C using Nucleus operating system.
    I like your avatar. Is that a CC register from a 6800 or a 6809 8-bit processor?

    I work with embedded programming. I used to have a TRS-80 Color Computer as a kid.
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