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    Best medical diapers with tapes

    Betterdry / Crinklz / Northshore are my current stock. Those are who I trust the most. Comfidry used to be good, but then the changed the tapes and absorbancy and I no longer use them.
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    where r u all from

    I grew up in Maryland Heights. 1983-2005 then moved. My old stomping grounds haha.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Better Dry and at work. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    where r u all from

    Hell, but better known as Warren, PA.
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    OAB with urge incontinence

    I have OAB/Urge and I find it really acts up when I go from warm to cold. Like at work, I go from 72F on the sales floor to a 20 below freezer. Within seconds I have a urge to pee that is so strong that I have to leave my site and run to the bathroom. This happens up to 20 times per day. I have...
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    I might be admitted to a psychiatric hospital (wearing 24/7)

    Eh. I was recently hospitalized under what we call a 302 in Pennsylvania. Not my first rodeo. Anyways I was diapered the entire time also. Its a hospital. They've seen it all. I wouldn't worry about it. I have an extensive mental health list and some of the meds I am on make my bladder spasm, so...
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    Need recommendations

    Thanks for the input everyone.
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    Need recommendations

    My apologies if this has been discussed already. But I am in need of an affordable overnight diaper. I've been doing some research and ran across the Total Dry Overnights. Does anyone know if these are decent? They look similar to Wellness Superio, which are ok but don't fit me the greatest. I'm...
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    Trucking and incontinence

    Ok, I decided to go back to the truckin industry because I just couldn't sit at the house anymore. I actually drive a cargo van over the road. Being incontinent has its challenges doing this. I came out of my shell of denial on facebook during a live broadcast last week. It's no longer an option...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Seni Super Plus Sent from mTalk
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    Christmas hurto

    :( I also had a crappy Christmas. I'm sorry your Christmas was filled with anxiousness and sadness, I feel your pain. You're not alone. Sent from mTalk
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    Quality Daytime Diapers

    That's weird. Mine sick away moisture fairly quickly. But I wear the XL size and they may be manufactured different. I wouldn't imagine so, but it's a possibility. Sent from mTalk
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    How are those? I need a decent day time diaper and I've been interested in those. Sent from mTalk
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    Did you sleep last night?

    Woke up at 245am. Ate some cookies then went back to bed, got up at 7. Waiting on the kids to open their presents. Sent from mTalk
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    Quality Daytime Diapers

    I love them. I'm glad you chose to try them! Merry Christmas. Sent from mTalk