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    Your Perfect Partner

    well i am older gent so i would love to find some one around my age if it a mommy that would be a dream come true. but being incontinence it,s truely very hard to find a lady to whom is understanding to my problem,s. hey ty a great post. from lilandy.
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    Ummm,,,, Hi everyone

    hiii snapcrotch nice to meet ya here am also a newbie
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    Summer= Worst Time To Get Diapers.

    hi yes summer can be a very hot time for some of us having to wear diaper,s so i try to wear terry pull up,s with a very soft plasic outer cover there all in one,s. wow relax why are you being so nasty
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    where do you get your diapers?

    hi i dont pay for my diaper i can order online or i ring them up to get more diaper,s
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    Sleeping with diapers...

    hi from lilandy it took me some time to get use to them and having to sleep in diaper,s . yes dont make the diaper to tight and i find sleeping in on my tummy help,s i have to wear saten pj,s and saten fited sheet due to my spine but that help,s to turn over in your sleep. and relax,s m8 tc from...
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    Hello everyone ^^

    hi rainbowmommy from lilandy very nice to meet ya i am kinda new here and still trying to work the site out . i think am slowly geting it rite.
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    hey everybody!

    hi al i am new here as well from lilandy
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    from lilandypandy

    hi it will take me some time to get use to this site and truely what to say to yall as am not very good at writing post,s so i truely hope some of you will understand and i would like to say ty to brantxman for the welcome and to maverick as well .
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    a big hello to every one from lilandypandy

    AM NOT A LURKER siting in my corner crying pweseee i not a lurker take it away...
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    a big hello to every one from lilandypandy

    hiiii :smile: ok it keep,s telling me that i am a lurker humm i honestly am not i am a truely adult babyboy and have been for over 11 year,s and in real life i am incontinnence. i am disabled due to braking my spine and i did a lot of nerve damage but i doing ver good now i work two part time...