am a very soft a little shy and loving ab

radio control car,s and boats and the beach and if i had a mommy maybe park,s and much more
queensland australia
  1. Adult Baby
  2. Incontinent
  3. Carer
  1. Straight
motor engineering
Favourite diaper
abriform,s and soft terry and cloth,s diaper,s
Personal Space
a big hugs to all whom read my message hi am lilandypandy i have been an adult baby for 11 year,s now i also am incont,s in real life and disabled but i still work two part time job,s at night,s i broke my back working and did nerve damage so i truely thought i would have some fun with me being incont . it truely would my dream to find a mommy and my life partner if thing,s work out,s i am a little shy and will trust a mommy in time not to long with the trust fingy i live alone and own a 5 bedroom high set house called a queenslander on the sun shine coast of australia yep lot,s of beach,s here,s wif no mommy or a darling angel to share them with . i am a very honest careing soft person or baby and very open minded love,s all the simple thing,s in life as i didnt have much of a childhood so thats why i am now an adult baby and i only get dressed up in my baby clothe,s at night,s am a baby boy so i truely love short all,s and eney cute out fit,s.. it truely would great to meet more baby,s here as well as i dont have alot of friend,s so i am truely very lonely baby pouts . i would like to say ty so much for having me here as a member i also am a member of park place crib a true buddy to mommy issa and her cute baby billy from lilandypandy a huge hugss and blow,s soft kissys to all wave,s bye bye,s.