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    Welp, Here Goes Nothing...

    Hi Metacomet! Since everyone else *looks around* seems to be too shy, or whatever...... *ahem* Welcome to ADISC! If you have spent any time here at all as a lurker, you know we have an intelligent, diverse community here who, like you, enjoys doing a LOT of other things as well as wearing...
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    Footless footie pajamas?

    These were mentioned in another pajama thread, and I thought " HEY, the footless footed pajamas mentioned in this other thread might be incredibly relevant in this thread" Et Voila! They also come in Batman flavor.....
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    RC cars

    I've got a couple of HPI Hellfire truggies, and has had good prices on repair parts. (hitting hard objects head on is not good for the suspension, BTW) I have not ordered the parts I need yet, but I will after I get paid this week.
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    Maurice Sendak has passed away

    I remember having Where the Wild Things Are read to me as a small child, and reconnecting with the book years later, feeling some of the excitement and wonder that Sendak created with his works. I was saddened when I read he was gone. RIP
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    Show us your Desktop :)

    It's some fan art of WAKFU, a cool ass cartoon from France that I have been really into for the last year or so!
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    A Bacon Milkshake

    Well- The closest JITB is about 60 miles from where I live, so after I heard that some genius had put bacon and milkshakes together (HEY!, you got your BACON in my MILKSHAKE! nuh-uhhh, you got your milkshake on my BACON!!), lol, I knew a road trip would be in order. I immediately started...
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    Mardi Gras

    I have never been - several friends have gone and said it is a surreal experience- but, oh yes, I will get there one day. Happy Mardi Gras!
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    Should I take the comic (Manga)position (read description)

    I'm going to jump in and say you should do it! If you are just beginning as a writer/artist, this would be a great opportunity to gain experience in the industry, and get a chance to continue developing your skills as well, right? If the project takes off and becomes wildly successful, you have...
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    On a scale of 0 to 10, how much of a sissy are you?

    I can't say that I am really into anything frilly or pink all that much, my idea of sissy runs towards proper traditional boys wear that you only see every now and then (more often because I live in the south). Things like sailor suits, square collar suits, knickers (knee pants), etc... paired...
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    What material are your "plastic pants" made from

    If you are going to order from Babykins (which I do recommend) I say get the waterproof nylon pants. They are durable, waterproof (even says it in the name), and they make a crinkly/ rustle-y noise that I really enjoy! I think I have 5 or 6 of them now.
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    New PUL pants

    I am sorry if I am interrupting the conversation, but, as I have several pair, I want you to know they are coated on the inside and are waterproof (lol, well tested)! The nylon Babykins pants are my favorite waterproof pant, they are a little noisier, and, to me, a lot cooler than vinyl and...
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    Can you identify any of these pieces of equipment?

    Boonton Type 232-A Glide Slope Signal Generator Manual, on ebay And you will find THIS very useful..... Nothing like a little light reading of the Technical Manual for Light Maintenance and Specification Calibration for the Perambulation of the Bifurcated Turbulator, LOL! But , really, the...
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    Whats your Pet Peeve?

    Hmmmm- there are several, really, but the worst are car related. Idiots who have their cell phone glued to their ear, chattering away as they pull out into traffic, usually in front of me, ALWAYS without looking, forcing me to jam on my brakes and pray that the moron behind me (cell phone...
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    Pastry chefs or just those who know their pie

    Im gonna go with something like a chess pie. The consistency and ingredients are similar to the pecan pie, I'm sure there could be adjustments to get it even closer.
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    Where to buy shortalls

    I don't know if you are looking for shortalls with the crotch snaps already installed or not, but Pointer Brand ( NOT *B/DL AWARE ) still makes Shortalls for adults, but the website seems to be having some problems. I bought some shortalls from them years ago, and they seem well built ( not...