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Lessee, Hippie Dad, crazy mom (until 25 yrs ago), moved ALOT, was caught in diapers when I was 5, bu

Photography, Motorcycling, Hot- Air Ballooning,
Louisiana, USA
  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
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  1. Straight
  2. Asexual
Caterer, Manager
Favourite diaper
Secure x-plus, Depend overnight with pampers 7 inside
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So I guess I CAN'T sum up myself in one line =). Been riding motorcycles since I was 4, into photography since I was 9 (published a few times, nothing major). Crushed a vertebra in my lower back on my dirt bike (bike was ok, whew)when I was 21. Got into a paintball war for the first time last year, Loved it, couldn't walk straight for two days after, love is gone. In my one line attempt, I noted that I got caught in a diaper (by my grandmother) when I was 5, and diapers have always been an "interest" until now. I didn't really play well with others for a long time, spent about 5 yrs at boarding schools, Psycho homes, and one glorious year at a church prison, before I was 18. There's alot more i'll edit in later. Cya

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