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  • Hey Snap hows it going? It's 7:30 AM here in Southern Oregon and its snowing like crazy! Wood stove is blazing and all is well here!
    Well i work as a photographer now sorta self emplied. But commishion alone dose not pay bills. so i'm still job hunting.
    Hello :) I totally agree. Massa should have won the race. Alonso told his team "it is ridiculous" because he was faster than Massa, maybe but he should have tried to pass him in a fair way, and not ask for team order. It takes the beauty of the sport away. What's 100 000$ for Ferrari? Not much I guess. I remember 8 years ago, it was Shumi who benefit from Ferrari's team orders. Do you think Alonso believe he will win the championship this year? I seriously doubt it and don't want it. Geez, it's a good driver but I can't stand him! About Schumi, we shouldn't forget that the car is totally different than 3 years ago, and doesn't fit his aggressive driving. Since the private testings are forbidden between the races it makes it harder/longer to fix the car. Next year will be better!
    Hey! How are you doing? I have been offline for 4 months (no internet) but now I'm back, for good hopefully :D
    What do you think about the F1 this year? I'm a little dissappointed by Shumi's results but I guess after a 3 years period of retirement it's not easy. I bet next year will be better. Take care :)
    The Job Corps may be awarded more $$$ (especially inlight of the fact that they are being mobilized to transport and house hundreds of youth to work in the gulf oil spill clean up effort). The Job Corps has already received $$ in 2009 (ARRA):

    The Job Corps is federally-funded and operated under the US Department of Labor and serves 16 -26 year old youth. Job Corps is different and separate from AmeriCorps. The AmeriCorps program - State and National, VISTA or NCCC offers more opportunities to assist college graduates or students to develop and participate in community development projects. AmeriCorps Vista project allows professional retirees to develop and oversee community based projects. (I may apply for one of these positions). So its (AmeriCorps) scope is geared to serve adults more like the Peace Corps does internationally (Peace Corps requires a minimum BS or BA college degree with or without experience).
    I'd so do roux from a jar! If I ever get to New Orleans, I'm going to fill my suitcase! Looks like my stepson may be going to the gulf with a Job Corps crew! He's excited about the opportunity to help with the spill and make some $$.
    You prefer a thin roux or a thick roux? Light or dark?

    Thick roux, medium dark (about the color of peanut butter) I've gone darker but it's so easy to let it get away from you (with a burnt flavor), so I'm pretty cautious with all those subtle flavors you marry in Gumbo.

    So sorry about this devastating environmental disaster. Talking about thick roux got me thinking back to the McCain/Palin Republican Presidential Election Campaign and their push demanding unlimited off-shore oil drilling. Not off my Oregon or Washington Coast - EVER. EVER!
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