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    I don't really have a Welsh accent as I'm partially dysphraxic but it isn't that bad, I just can't play sports really well.

    I have a lot of friends who want to go to music Uni, good luck to you.
    I'm a classical pianist. I prefer baroque and classical pieces, I'm not a jazz pianist but I do play 2nd alto sax in a 50s style big band. I do like to get a wide range that I enjoy. I also play 2nd alto sax in an orchestra which I really enjoy. I've been learning music since I was 6 and I started with piano. I'm currently grade 4 but I'm doing my grade 5 exam Christmas/Easter time. I did and passed my grade 4 alto saxophone exam a few weeks ago which I was really happy about :)
    My favourite genre of music is soundtrack, I hate dub step and rap and hip hop because in my opinion, it's all something that was invented for the enjoyment of teenagers. I prefer film and orchestrated music

    I do have an FA page here:
    Hi, Lightning!
    It's great to see another person from Wales here, there aren't many active people here from Wales which is kind of a pity. I'm from the valleys, lived there all of my life :) I'm a musician too, I play piano, alto saxophone, drum kit, vibes and I sing. Good to see another Welsh fur here ;)
    Hi lightening! You sound really interesting ! I also loved holidaying in Wales and your interests are diverse! Its amazing where life takes you. I grew up and worked iin the uk and now live in Australia- fabulous! Love to chat if you would?
    The Reindeer Puppy says:
    So let me get this right, you move from Wales to Florida and now you want to move back to dreary old England? Why?
    Hii there, hate to upset you, \but I;m english, I moved down to Wales to marry my wife and decided to stay here when she died.
    awww, yeah that happens the work wont decrease until they are all done, but i do my college work in lesson and as soon as i get it, so that way i have time to do everything else, its mainly about finding a balance, so that your not working all the time and have time to do stuff :)
    aww, i hated my mock gcse's
    im glad im out of school now lol
    you sing?, thats really cool- i go college and we have no work to do over half term
    Yurgh, sorry, just reread my comment and realised how negative it sounded! Seriously, if you really can't do silver and gold is worthwhile all the same :)
    Yurgh! I'd really recommend you don't skip straight to gold! You have to do double time on one of your activities, and the fitness required to do the exped is meant to be built up over time (ie all the way through bronze and silver). I can honestly say I almost died on the Gold, as did 2 other people on my group. It's dangerous and scary, and will knacker you out. Seriously, do silver first. You need to work up to gold!

    Don't mean to be so negative, but there is a reason it's designed that way :p

    Whatever you decide to do though, Bronze is a remarkable acheivement, and I'm so proud of you :D
    Hey that's absolutely brilliant! I'm so proud of you! Only silver and gold to do now :D
    (Part 2: Message too long!)

    I don't have quite the same variety of activity this summer you, alas, although I am going on two holidays! (One of the benefits of having divorced parents!) Next week I'm off to the Seychelles (Yay!), then in August I'm visiting my American family (slightly meeker yay!).

    The Opera sounds fantastic, and using my excellent calculations of time, I have deduced it has since passed. How did it go? Congratulations on getting in on the choir!
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