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  • Hey, legokid...I see that you are an active member of the LDS church. If you are ever interested in chatting some time, let me know.
    I cant send u any more pm's if you dont empty your inbox silly :p
    Thanks LK
    As the song goes "It's the final countdown"...
    (less than one week for Christmas, and less than two weeks for 2011)
    I saw a comment you made on the forum, and I'd just like to express that I find your avatar absolutely adorable. Do you know who drew it? Also, charmander is one of my favorites! I have a big charmander plushy, and I sleep with him every night :)
    no doubt!
    no one knows the real date or time in history,
    it's just approxiamations!
    Its funny, even athiests & agnoctics are seeming afraid...
    its the Mayan RELIGION!
    So, if they didnt eblieve in that (or any) religion, why should they worry anyway!?
    I think that there's been so many errors in the calendars,

    no one really knows what month or year it is in all reality.

    the monks (and kings, and others) screwed up the calendars.

    Did the Mayans account for leap years anyway?

    - Will
    Its pretty good, like you there, all the departments stores and shops are getting ready for Christmas.
    I have been working out and it's coming along good!
    In many states we are still having protesters complaining about Wall Street and the big banks that are ripping people off (apparently), and trying to boycot banks (who are always rising their fees).
    I guess everyones getting ready for 2012 now!
    Oh... OK. Have you heard if everyone is safe back home in the UK? Tom said that the riots had gotten close to where you live.
    No problem, thanks for the welcome ^_^ Sorry I couldn't reply earlier. Hope you have a good time on your trip!
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