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  • anyways so u know im super pooped(tired :p no incon jokes *pouts) was a long day :( so um nini i wont be replying till laters cuz im super sleepies. :3
    nu uhs im kinda shy and also i dont really draw muches becuz it hurts my head.. i have focus issues and it makes me have like a really bad headache and i stress lots... lol mostly i only doodle like... on diapers and things rofl :3 i dont really do real drawings hardly evers... that was jus kinda a special thingie cuz i wanted to try and push my self (i problably shouldnt of) to kinda create sompin dat represents me but it took wike 3 months and it was hard n yea ._.
    Thank you! I actually found the picture online. I looked up "Adult Baby Avatar" and I had to go through a few sites and found it. I thought it was super cute so I saved it. I do have a bigger version of it. I'll include it. I wish I did draw it though... it is soo cute!

    So far I've only played L4D and L4D2 as far as XBox360 goes, but I play a menagerie of flash games online. :D And thank you! (Though I'm in a huge art block right now. ;___; )
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