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  • Most of the experiments I ended up doing were very dry and not seeing things react. I've seen some of the other upper level labs and it's like 5 hours of waiting to see a result that isn't that impressive. That was really a lot of the turn off towards that topic, mildly interested in filling my general elective slot with one of those courses though.

    You get to see more girls in that major than engineering though. =p
    Pharmacy definitely seems like an interesting field and I loved Chem, however I was never really a fan of the chemistry related labs or the bio courses.
    Oh yea that's in Portland Oregon right? My friend and his family are going to that. :) Have fun!
    They are softer than cloth diapers, and are very comfortable to wear. My favorite one is the Blue Dinosaurs print, and I constantly wear Training Pants now, just because of how soft they are.
    Yeah. Baby Pants has some amazing apparel, and my favorites are definitely the training pants. I used to be so scared to order online, and I didn't even know how to, but after I figured it out, i've been purchasing so many things online. :p
    Well, the best thing to do is make a thread about it in the EC forums, that way it can't be easily found, and you can get some reliable feedback. I'm sorry to say, I can't quite help you in your situation, so you will have to rely on other members for now.
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