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  • yes...getting o the busy time of year for me ... harvest. I work with farmers, corn farmers.
    As for me...always cloth. Born into them, punished with them and now I have deep urges simply to wear.
    I sew my own...none of this store bought stuff...flat, single layer cotton like mom put on me...only scaled bigger.
    Iowa USA here....you?
    That's a fair dialog opener,,,,I wear disposable. Haven't tried cloth, and that may be the 'why' to my preference. And you? Glad to hear from you. I try to keep in touch with my online friends. hope everything is going good.
    hey LAne2k, Just a shout out to say hi! :D
    oh! And yes i do too know how nice it is to talk to a fellow ab/dl girl! I do get along well better with boys buuuuuuuuuuut it is very nice to talk to chickys like me :p hehe

    i do find it slightly amusing that you are older than my folks :p hehe no offense!
    yes boys are too odd! But what could we do without you? Hmm i suppose all we could all go lezzie on you? Nah! No pussy for me thanks! :p

    why are you jealous? Personally i would love to be a guy... At least for a day? Mostly to see how the sexual stuff works O///O

    hmmm, Idk if i really have any questions? But what do i know? Im only 20 and i've only had one completely serious relationship that last for three years... Thats a whole nother ball of yarn though!

    I wear disposable when i can. I do want to try cloth sometime though!
    Pretty darn good. Trying to figure boys out and such... but other than that fan-freaking-tastic!

    P.S. Kinda laughing at the fact that my grandma gets upset over her incont. where as I would kinda like it? Not laughing at the situation, merely the irony of it all
    Hey Lane, here is the link to the Iowa Big "Babies" Group:

    Iowa "Big Babies" Club - ADISC.org

    Nice to see someone else who is interested, but I've got to warn you, it's pretty dead at the moment. Maybe a new member will get it stirred up again, but don't be surprised if it seems dead. Possibly, with a little luck, it con be recusitated. Thank you for your interest, and happy posting!
    my meaning was.....in the explosion....what had you hoped would happen?... I have a preference for people suddenly shrunk...to aobut 28" tall...then having to 'hide' as a todddler...act that way. You had a start to the RP...can it go any direction at all? or did you have a plan?
    For me...one person would have created a 'wishing formula' and had been wishing they could wear diapers all the time then it went off. Then having been shrunk....but still lookng adult....they have to explain to a wife what the wish was...and hopefully...she thinks 'well fine' let's see how you REALLY like being babied...24/7.
    Does that sound like something you are interested in?
    Umm well it was supposed to go were people wanted but it died in 3 posts i"ll start it up again for ya
    Heh :)

    Currently...unavailable right now, I'll add your yahoo ASAP
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