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    No sales tax in VA

    i just went out and bought some diapers... tax free :-) only attends though, none of the stores around me sell abenas
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    What stuff do you use to advoid diaper rashes and chaffing

    i use the cvs version of destine
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    At hotels

    yeah,....... i wouldn't really want to force my lifestyle on anyone else
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    If you had the chance to win a lifetime supply of diapers

    Abena abriform x- plus :-)
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    Update for delivery

    are you using usps or ups? this sounds interesting and i will looking forward to the update
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    How do you change your diapers?

    i try to lay down as much as i can (better fit) but if i cant then i stand
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    How do you go about getting your diapers?

    up until recently i only bought in store, but now that i have a car and am able to drive to the post office, i buy online :-) most is still in the store because it is cheaper
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    cvs adjustable...thank god for abena x+