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    Wow. HI! Lol. It's been pretty good. have a broken toe right now though -_- i'm a dumb

    Wow. HI! Lol. It's been pretty good. have a broken toe right now though -_- i'm a dumb
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    Lion Guard Pull ups reviews ?

    I bought a pack because, let's face it.....KION! Aside from that obvious bit of bias, they do seem to fit better than the car's pullups. Though, i can pull up both without any adjustments so i might be an outlier. After aobut 2 days of owning this pack i decided i could find a place to stash...
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    How old are you?

    I'm 23 and I 'trained' really early and never really had anything but the occasional problem with bedwetting which I outgrew by the time i was just barely out of kindergarten. I can remember a few times of being made to wear a pullup to bed because i'd wet the bed the night previous (that was...
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    Which diapers?

    I have nothing at all to contribute to this except for GO BOLTS!
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    Hello Kitty on Easy Ups

    Okay, so i have a question about easy-ups in general. I can wear a 4t-5t pullup comfortably without any prestretching or modification (it still has more stretch left in it once i put it on - i'm a twig) but for the life of me i can't even pull a 4t-5t easy-up on one leg all the way. Are they...
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    Sooo, about plushies

    The talking Kion plush is fairly large and huggable. You can turn the talking off with a simple switch on the battery pack.
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    What are you up to today!

    Waiting for the hurricane. T-minus....
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    Lion Guard Plush

    Also funnily enough Akastus, it stands on the shoulders of an old epic called Sundiata (as well as Hamlet). I did a 5k essay on a comparison of the two.....that was a long essay x.x
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    Lion Guard Plush

    The amount of episodes stands at 16 at the moment I believe not including the 45 minute pilot 'movie'. I have not watched what there is of the second season yet. However, it is not as though this "stupid little series" is standing on its own. It is held up on the shoulders of The Lion King...
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    Lion Guard Plush

    Yeah. I saw that JCPenny had their Kion plush on sale so i figured what the heck. If it is smaller than what i'm looking for then i didn't spend too much on it. In the mean time, i saw a review for the talking Kion and i have decided that i actually want one of those too x.x It's super cute. It...
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    Lion Guard Plush

    So after having visited every store in town that would concievablyl sell a Kion stuffed animal i've reached the conclusion that I'm going to have to order one. I am looking for one that is of a good size (not too large, but also not small) and is close to actually looking like Kion (i've seen...
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    If you could have any toy you wanted, what would it be and why?

    A plush of Kion that looks as close to the show as it poooooooooosibly could be. <3 (some of the real ones that exist are okay...)
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    Does anyone else feel frustrated with their height sometime? (aka tall little problems)

    Totally makes sense. I'm 6' even and i can tell you i wish i was a bit shorter for some of the same reasons you stated.
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    The Lion Guard Pull Ups

    When i held the two (cars & Lion Guard) up to each other the Lion Guard ones didn't look bigger....buuuuuuut - and this may just be my own bias because i've heard they were - the felt like they fit better than the cars pull-ups. But i dont know.
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    Post a picture of your Babyfursona.

    (Barely got this ref sheet (pic cropped off of it) done before Kalida stopped doing artwork on that account :( )